AO Gorman
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Location : Canada, Toronto
Bio : Toronto based Hip-hop/Rap artist AO Gorman has an extraordinary way of cutting through to the core of his audience. With a passion in music at an early age, AO’s lyrics expose a true conscious attitude and one that covers a wide range of musical genres all the way from Hip-hop down to rock alternative with a live production recorded with his band Earthphonics. AO in his early stages was influenced by NAS and created his own style through that inspiration, taking pride in being able to immerse himself within different genres. AO also gets inspired by the likings of Kendrick Lamar and his home-based rapper Drake. The multi award winning artist, has performed at concerts such as the opening ceremony of The Raptors 905, Raw Artist Festivals, Toronto Pearson Airport and many more. Having to grow up and witness the types of activity that takes place in the streets, rapper AO remains involved in his community by conducting workshops with the youth and speaking on important topics such as mental health. AO’s new EP album “In My Thoughts” which is on the road to success, is one of many ongoing projects. Currently, AO is working on a music video, new single release and features with some of Toronto’s great talents.
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